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''All in the Timing'', a Collection of One-Act Plays

March 26, 2018
For Immediate Release: March 25, 2018
Event dates: April 12-14, April 19-21 7:30 PM April 15, 2PM
Various gorge locations: Please see below
Kathleen Morrow:
“All in the Timing”, a collection of one-act plays
Warning: the theater is not responsible for any sides that split with laughter during performances of “All in the Timing,” an evening of hilarious one act plays by David Ives.
 A wacky world of witty wordplay awaits!
CGOA Stages is delighted to welcome three new directors to the company: Ashly Will, Barb Berry, & William Thayer-Daugherty. Audiences should be delighted with an evening of pure fun, which is always welcome, perhaps now more than ever.
Under the direction of Ashly Will, Zachary Tyynismaa teaches Rebecca Stryker a whole new language in “Universal Language,” while in “Mere Mortals,” David Dye, Kathy Williams, and Dennis Canstañeres are construction workers with secret identities. Tom Burns plays Trotsky, Janelle Child plays Mrs. Trotsky, and Jasper Krehbiel is the murdering gardener in “Variations on the Death of Trotsky.” Tay Lynne explains to Dana Tickner why she is having such a bad day, while Theresa North emphasizes the point, in “The Philadelphia.” Philadelphia and Trotsky are both directed by Barb Berry. William Thayer-Daughtery directs Thomas Tyynismaa and Anastasia Valentine as they try to figure out a dating situation in “The Sure Thing.” And in “Speed the Play,” also directed by Thayer-Daughter; Dick Withers, Emily Walker, Yasmin Myers, Kelsey Stewart, Rachel Bryan, and Rosemary Shepardson perform ENTIRE Mamet plays in 2 minutes flat! Well, not quite, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.
The seven performances are spread out over four venues. The show runs April 12, 13, and 14 at the Bingen Theater. On April 15th, the show moves to Stevenson, Washington at the Hegewald Center for a 2PM matinee. After one night at Naked Winery on April 19, the show closes at the Elks Ballroom on April 20 and 21. All shows other than the matinee begin at 7:30 pm.