Immense Imagery is now broadcasting community events

November 29, 2017
Immense Imagery is now broadcasting community events 

Immense Imagery is now broadcasting community events via Facebook Live Streaming. We began with our Live Stream of The Dalles City Council meeting and have expanded that to Hood River. We will be live streaming the December 1st Hood River Star Light Parade, Tree lighting festivities. Etc. Our Live Streaming services are being carried on both our Facebook page, multiple community groups and on Eagle publishing's sites like The Dalles Chronicle's Facebook page and hopefully soon the Hood River News Social Media sites as we move from beta testing into full service.
We provide Live Stream Community sponsorships at the Community Support level of $250.00 for 4 Live events and our 6 month service plan positions you for 2018. Our Live Stream include the events mentioned, Hood River City Council meetings and other live events taking place around the area. Your sponsorship logo and message will be repeated at regular intervals throughout the Live Stream. This is the local audience you want to reach. People involved in their community and who have come from all over the Country and World to live here. People who will value and share the content we roll out. The Live Stream events are also archived. It is available for all to tag friends, share, re-watch or review. All of which is of great residual benefit to you the sponsor and for those who missed the original live feed. We can also Live Stream events at any location. Think Events, Music, Weddings, Parties, Workshops etc. etc.

Here is link to our website.  It shows you what Branding can look like. Please peruse our website. Our Live Stream is still in the Beta phase and we have new tech coming in January with top notch graphics and short film capability. This is going to enable us to revolutionize The Gorge! 

Happy Holidays!